Precision medicine cancer tests, developed in Melbourne, Australia.

Geneseq Biosciences combines the latest in microRNA profiling methods, with advanced machine learning algorithms, to help doctors diagnose and treat cancer with genomic precision.

Our first test, Melaseq™, detects the genomic fingerprint of malignant melanoma in blood or skin biopsy tissue.



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  • Melaseq: Our first-in-class microRNA assay designed to help doctors diagnose melanoma early and accurately, using multiple specimen types.
  • About Geneseq: Read about our vision, founders, collaborators, and board of directors.
  • Publications: View and download our peer-reviewed scientific publications and selected media.
  • Our progress: Annotated timeline of our development milestones.
  • CDx Service: Leverage Geneseq’s assay development & regulatory experience to improve diagnostic accuracy or optimise clinical trial enrolment processes.